why do u think bromance is grossing?




  • It excludes women, implying that male friendships are deeper and superior to female ones, which is a false claim that society continually perpetuates. The term ‘womance’ is extremely rarely used in comparison - in fact, I’ve never heard it said.
  • It is a means by which straight men defend themselves against ‘accusations’ of homosexuality by altering an existing word to emphasise how very platonic their relationship is, as if the concept of being mistaken for a couple is so repulsive that they need to alter a word rather than politely saying ‘actually, we’re just friends’.
  • The word is constantly applied in the media to relationships with heavy homoerotic subtext, thus vilifying and silencing queer readings.

I’ve always thought of “bromance” as “deep friendship that exceeds a sexual or romantic relationship”, and have been using it to describe male, female, and mixed relationships. You’re right however, the way it is used commonly(especially in media) is disgusting and disturbing. 

Yes, it means that, but that’s precisely why I hate it, for the above reasons.

  • Women can have deep friendships that aren’t sexual or romantic, but there’s no special term for them because female friendship is deemed as inferior to male friendship, and society perceives women as too emotionally changeable and catty to form deep bonds with one another, which is total bullshit.
  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with romantic and sexual relationships (between opposite sex or same sex couples), and those relationships are in no way inferior to platonic bonds, and I say this as someone who identifies as aromantic and gre-asexual.
  • When writers, cinematographers, actors, directors etc. deliberately establish homoerotic subtext and the media calls it ‘bromance’, what they’re essentially saying is ‘if you take a queer reading you’re stupid and wrong and looking too far into it’, which, in a highly heteronormative society in which there is so little queer representation in comparison to straight representation, is just gross.

What’s to like about Martin Freeman? Oh, it’s too early in the day to do this, isn’t it? It’s tricky, it’s tricky. I haven’t got my list for the day ready yet. But um, but he’s very smart, he’s really good company, he’s one of the funniest men I’ve ever met, and he’s a craftsman. He works incredibly hard and creates authentic characters and moments in drama and he’s an inspiration to work opposite and I’ve got nothing but good things to say about Martin.

Benedict Cumberbatch [ x ]


its unacceptable to just tag the new gay bar scene still as simply “sherlock” like no you guys need to be freaking out about this you need to be asking the real questions like why they put an exploding firework ribbon thing at the end of a long phallic object ponder these things until they are engraved in your mind forever


imagine the level of acting ben and martin could bring to a canon johnlock relationship


Rainy day

What can I say? Two friends in a rainy day. It’s quite obvious that I can’t wait to watch BBC’s Sherlock Season 3. 





imagine sherlock and john doing smoopy domestic stuff like sherlock resting his feet on john’s lap while they’re watching telly, or sharing toothpasty kisses in the morning, or sherlock catching john by the waist in the kitchen whilst he’s cooking and kissing his ear, or john feeding sherlock ice cream over the kitchen table, or john falling asleep on sherlock’s shoulder on the sofa, or sherlock tickling john to get him out of bed, or john putting on sherlock’s scarf for him