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When you’re a kid, they tell you it’s all, grow up, get a job, get married, get a house, have a kid, and that’s it. But the truth is, the world is so much stranger than that. It’s so much darker, and so much madder. And so much better.

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Watch: 'They Daily Show' exposes birth control-penis pump double standard

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Pain. Heartbreak. Loss. Death.

Mary as bride killed Sherlock’s heart. Yep.

Never realized until I read the amazing comment by  sherlockedaspergirl on this post that it goes way deeper than that. Before he finds Redbeard, Sherlock was looking for John to calm himself down…and found Mary in his way. In her wedding dress, with a gun. And it’s proof that he’s already lost all hope: John is hers, now. Even in his mind palace, she stands between them. 

thats a really depressing thought.  

i never like to think all hope is lost and while Sherlock feels he has to give up John because he chose someone else i think he’s not thinking big enough.  

Sherlock’s line at the end of the series “the game is never over” shows us that Sherlock doesn’t give up.  John is on Mary’s arm but as long as Sherlock loves John and (in my opinion) John loves Sherlock it’s never over.  Sherlock’s return shows up that.  things between them have just begun.

there was a meta a read recently that pointed out as Sherlock’s plan leaves Mary is holding onto John’s arm but as it turns around John is standing apart upright looking into the distance.  John is looking to Sherlock not to Mary.  

i don’t think Sherlock’s lost yet folks.

may I also add that not only bride Mary is standing in his way separating him from John but in doing so she’s preventing him from staying alive as she stops him from calming down

She is killing him even in his mind palace

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john’s heterosexuality sure as hell didn’t return from war


the only times we are shown john and mary lying in bed together john is either thinking/dreaming about sherlock or……………. no wait that’s basically all he ever does

"whats tumblr? what do you do on there?"


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Remind you of anyone, Mary? A façade?”

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“i want to apologize to all the women i have called beautiful
before i’ve called them intelligent or brave
i am sorry i made it sound as though
something as simple as what you’re born with
is all you have to be proud of
when you have broken mountains with your wit
from now on i will say things like
you are resilient, or you are extraordinary
not because i don’t think you’re beautiful
but because i need you to know
you are more than that”


BBC Sherlock location cosplay 2014 

St. Bartholomew’s Hospital

187 North Gower Street (221B Baker Street)

44 Eaton Square (Irene Adler’s flat)


It’s amazing how pencils can be right in front of you on the desk and yet so very, very far.


"what music do you like?" is such a stressful question like what do you want to know??? genres?? artists?? albums??? time periods?? 25 most played?? what i’m currently listening to??? what i listen to at different times of the day?? be more specific??????

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