My eyes are up here, John

See, the thing is, as a short person who has to look up at just about everybody, I have never found my eyes straying down from a conversation partner’s face to linger at their throat, mouth, jawline or shoulders unless they were, you know, worth looking at for some reason.

So unless John finds Sherlock’s scarf or coat collar unspeakably compelling, it really does open up the question of why he looks at them so often.

I am not attempting to imply anything, but this is something that’s had question marks circling my head ever since the first episode.


We need Feminism because, due to the media’s use of ‘Straw Feminists’, I was convinced for many years that

Feminism = Misandry

Of course, it’s not true, but most of society STILL believes it is!

Thanks Media for making me ashamed to even say that I’m a feminist!

 BTW, that’s Femme Fatale from Powerpuff Girls, who was the first Straw Feminist I encountered.


I need feminism because, permanently:

- half of the world tells me to uncover myself to be more attractive for men’s eyes,
- and the other half of the world tells me to cover myself to avoid prompting men’s desires and sexual aggressiveness,
while the only thing I want is to uncover myself when I am hot and cover myself when I am cold.


I need feminism because “Blurred Lines” (a sexist song that reminds a woman that “she knows she wants it”) was the top selling song of 2013.


I need feminism because I’ve been taught by society to feel uncomfortable with being sexual and to determine my self worth in part on my “innocence”.


I need feminism because I shouldn’t have to prove my intelligence just so I’m not considered “a dumb blonde.”

I am sick and tired of hearing “dumb blonde” jokes directed at blonde women (myself included) to diminish and discredit their intelligence based solely on their appearance.  


I need feminism because there are no plans for a Wonder Woman/Black Widow movie, because ‘it wouldn’t do as well as Iron Man or Captain America’. The last female super hero movie was ‘Elektra’ in 2005 and it was labelled one of the worst superhero movies of all time.


I need feminism

Because smart girls intimidate men.

Because girls being single is deemed more of an identity than a choice.

Because i don’t want to act like a lady or a bimbo, I just want to be me.


I need feminism because my culture stigmatizes emotional expression so sometimes I hate being a girl because I cry more easily. 


I need feminism because gender-neutral expression shouldn’t just be considered valid if I dress like a man.

For a long time, I thought the only way to actually express myself as what I identify was to dress more masculine. The thing it, I never wanted to give up all of my dresses and skirts. The problem is that we see ‘male’ and ‘masculine’ as the default, and it took me way too long to figure that out.